Consultancy Services in Total Business Development and Market Representation Solutions!

MANASVI INTERNATIONAL was founded with the stated intention of rendering Multiactivity services to our clients, enabling them to achieve their goals. We offer Consultancy Services in Total Business Development and Market Representation Solutions, through efficient creation, management and evolution of services, systems and processes, this would result in the client achieving what he wants, without actually being a part of it himself. We call it the “No Bother” or “Trust and Forget” service. 
Time and again clients have certain requirements in mind, which they seemingly have no sources or solutions to. 
MANASVI INTERNATIONAL comes in here, in rendering the specific services that the client desired, without having himself to bother about the demographics. The “Trust and Forget” service allows you to give us the details of your requirement in full confidentially, with total transparency of content and ideas, and allows you to just await the result. We DELIVER with TRUST. 

The organization is steered by a multi-disciplined Core Team of members, comprising top performers in their respective fields, and each having at least a decade of experience in senior management. Associates who are professionals in their own field; and are headhunters in their own capacity assist the Core team. Dedicated to the core, each associate and member of this "Family" takes it on his own the responsibility of taking on a task and finishing it with √©lan. To us “Not even the sky is the limit.”

MANASVI INTERNATIONAL is more than just a “Trust and Forget” service provider. 

We offer Consultancy Services in Total Business Development and Marketing Representations Solutions.

“Market Representation"

“Market Boost”

"Social Media Strategy and Social Media Integration"

“Corporate Presentations"

"Product and Service Related Activities”

“Value Added Services for Growth”

 "First of its kind"- "Product / Service Search and Supply” Service”

  “We offer Updates and Exposures to Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, Expo's and    Events!”

 “Event Management Services”

 “Assistance in maintaining all Statutory Compliance and Filing of Returns”
The list goes on, as our client’s request for services, which they feel, are in need and they have not found a solution to. The trust of our clients in our delivering the required results speak for itself, and then yet “THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING”! 

Quality Services for Growth and Prosperity…